Speaker Profile: Angela Minicuci


Angela Minicuci, Public Information Officer at the Michigan Department of Community Health, is the blog’s second speaker profile and will be presenting during a breakout session. Angela is also the Professional Advisor for MSU PRSSA through the Central Michigan chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and just finished her term as Director At-Large. A Michigan State alumnus, Angela was very active in PRSSA through her executive board position and involvement with Hubbell Connections. A true example of a young professional staying involved after college, she shares some tips below.

PRSSA: Did you always know that you wanted to work in public relations, specifically healthcare?

AM: I knew by my sophomore year that to me, Public Relations was the most intriguing aspect to the Communications field and that I wanted to pursue it. I originally intended to work in non-profit PR because I wanted to feel like I worked for an organization that was helping people. After landing in healthcare, I feel that my role contributes to helping protect people, just not in the way I originally imagined I would. I truly love working in health PR and knowing that the work we do at the Michigan Department of Community Health really does impact nearly every Michigander.

PRSSA: What are the benefits of working in or close to government as a young professional?

AM: The most beneficial aspect of working in state government PR as a young professional is that I have broad exposure to other industries should I ever be interested in pursuing another field. As a public agency, we work with small and large businesses, non-profits, foundations, corporations, politics… the list goes on. Most of them are not involved in health, but because it impacts their members or employees, I have the ability to see how other PR industries function, and what industries may interest me later in my career.

PRSSA: How does working for the state play a role in what you do versus other public relations work?

AM: As a student, I didn’t realize how closely aligned public relations can be with politics and advocacy. Working for state government has shown me that in order to affect change, oftentimes political changes or issue advocacy is needed to make that change happen. I have exposure to one side of PR that I don’t think all agencies or corporate PR professionals do and I truly enjoy knowing that the work I do is contributing to a change for the greater good of Michiganders.

PRSSA: What is your favorite part of being MSU PRSSA’s professional adviser and connecting PRSA with PRSSA?

AM: As a former PRSSA e-board member and volunteer, I really enjoy being able to motivate students in engaging with professionals because I know the value that has in landing a job and building your network. I also am committed to ensuring our professionals remain committed to assisting our students, as I know that they are the future of PR and have much to contribute.

PRSSA: As a young professional what’s the best part of being in PRSA and staying involved?

AM: As a professional in general, one of my top recommendations is to be involved in SOMETHING. PRSA is my top recommendation for PR professionals because of the value it provides to your career. That said, I honestly believe that if you are active and involved in your community with any organization, you not only are contributing to making the community you live and work in better, but you’re also contributing to strengthening your network. And as we all know, having a robust, strong network is key to being a successful professional.

For more about Angela and to learn about what she does, be sure to put her session on your calendar for the conference!  In the meantime, follow her @Minicuci.


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