How to Professionally Alter Your Pinterest Account



Pinterest is one of the largest growing websites with close to 70 million users. It is most commonly known to its users for do it yourself projects, recipes and online shopping.  But have you ever considered using Pinterest as a professional platform?

One of the downfalls to a resume is the lack of visual images. Pinterest is the perfect site to use as a professional outlet to expand on your resume and past work examples and to showcase your talents and skills.

Here are a few basic tips to creating a professional Pinterest account:

Divide your resume into separate boards within your Pinterest account. Sections can include organizations you’ve been apart of, work examples and past schools and employers. It is important to dedicate each of your boards to a different section and organize them so they’re easily accessible.

Once you have separate boards created for your different resume sections, pin articles that you have been mentioned in or one’s that you have written. Allow this to showcase all of your published work. By creating an entire board dedicated to each section, you have an unlimited amount space, unlike on a normal resume.

Once you have established your account, link it to your other social media platforms. Connect your Pinterest account to Twitter, LinkedIn or your personal blog. Once someone discovers your Pinterest account, allow yourself to be contacted easily. Post your email address or phone number at the top of your account so it is noticeable.

Depending on the things that you normally like to pin, creating a separate Pinterest account just for professional usage may be beneficial. However, if your already existing Pinterest account relates to the specific field you’re going into, then using the same one may work. 

Search organizations that you are interested in working for and see if they have an established account. Searching professionals in your field may also be beneficial as well. The last step to becoming a Pinterest professional is to start interacting with the people you have followed. With these basic tips, you should be ready to start professionally pinning away!


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