Speaker Profile: Michelle Grinnell

In anticipation of the conference program, here is your first speaker profile! Every few
blog posts will be featuring our speakers, presenters and professionals that will share
their expertise with you this February.


Michelle Grinnell, a public relations manager at the Michigan Economic Development
Corporation, is the communications lead for Travel Michigan and the Michigan Film Office. Michelle will be presenting during one of Electing Excellence’s breakout sessions, focusing on her work with the Michigan Film Office and the Pure Michigan brand and how the work is affected by each change in the governor’s office.

Michelle studied political science at the University of Michigan and received her Master’s Degree in Media and Public Affairs from The George Washington University. She has had a wide range of experience in government communication, working in the governor’s office during Jennifer Granholm’s term and working as press secretary in the office of Congressman Bart Stupak.

PRSSA: What is the best part of being in Michigan?
MG: I grew up in Michigan and always felt close to it no matter where I was. Being back is the best because of all the positive things happening in our state.

PRSSA: What are the benefits of working in or close to government as a young
MG: There is always an opportunity to make an impact and see positive change in your
community. You learn more about where you’re from or the place around you and
experience a wide range of issues. The skill sets you learn in the public sector can carry over wherever you go next in your career.

PRSSA: Did you always know that you wanted to work in public relations?
MG: I didn’t know that I wanted to until I interned in the governor’s communication office
my senior year. Now, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

PRSSA: What is your favorite place in Michigan?
MG: My parents’ cabin on Whitefish Bay in Paradise, Mich.

For more about Michelle and to learn about what she does, be sure to put her session on your calendar for the conference! In the meantime, follow her @mbegnoche.


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