MSU PRSSA Wants YOU at Our Regional Conference!


The Michigan State University PRSSA chapter will be hosting a Regional Conference on February 7-8. This is the first year after many that the Spartans have been selected to host the region’s conference and we are thrilled to have been selected.

The name of our conference is” Electing Excellence: Public Relations in Government and Politics.” Since Michigan State is right around the corner from the state’s capital we have the perfect opportunity to showcase public relations in government. However, if you start to tune out at the mere mention of “politics”, allow me to introduce a few of our confirmed speakers. Thus far, they include Michelle Grinnell (Begnoche), Senior Communications Specialist for Travel Michigan, Angela Minicuci, Public Information Officer for the Michigan Department of Community Health and Ari Adler, Communications Director and Press Secretary for Jase Bolger. The remaining speakers and their bios will be announced weekly on the blog. We plan to have a diverse set of speakers and topics at our conferences that will be relevant for people of all interest areas, and who knows maybe you’ll find yourself interested in a public relations career in government after all.

The PRSSA Regional Conference is the perfect event to meet future professionals in the public relations field. Other PRSSA members from a Michigan, Ohio and neighboring states will be in attendance, as well as PRSA members from the region. The weekend will be filled with tons of networking and fun, and attendees will have the opportunity to hear from successful PR pros across the state. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that East Lansing is home to many well-known bars and restaurants that attendees will have the chance to explore during their free time. From the infamous Rick’s American Cafe to Golden Harvest and the best Captain Crunch-covered French toast you’ll ever devour, there is something for everyone.

Connect with us on social media and stay tuned for more event information! Follow the MSU PRSSA Regional Conference on Twitter @msuprssarc and “like” us on Facebook at #VotePR


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